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PhotonShape is a technology that combines the benefits of the Infrared at 905 nm with the physical activity performed on a magnetic platform.

PhotonShape is characterized by 18 LED panels with around 11000 emitters, able to treat the entire abdominal area and the lower limbs. The magnetic treadmill that is offered allows for a constant training, under light strain and in line with the motoric capacities of the person (the speed of the treadmill depends on the strain that is performed by the person), optimizing the beneficial effects of the athermic biostimulating light.

PhotonShape can be used autonomously/independently or in synergy with other PhotonLife technologies.


  • Slendering treatments
  • Toning treatments
  • Draining treatments
  • Synergic treatments (with other PhotonLife technologies)


PhotonShape is composed of:

  • a structure with 18 LED panels for the biostimulating action of the skin;
  • a magnetic platform for running or walking.

The magnetic treadmill is fitted with an LCD display that visualizes the basic information, such as duration of the physical activity, the burned calories, the covered distance and the heartbeat, through two sensors placed on the side bars of the treadmill.


  • Feeding: 230 V
  • Absorbed power: 1000 W
  • Commands: buttons for turning it on, timer and emergency button
  • Cooling: ventilator and surrounding air
  • Weight: 150 kg overall
  • Sizes: 150 x 110 x 155 cm
  • Maximum weight for magnetic platform: 100 kg
  • Programing: time selection from 1 to 20 minutes – functions ‘distance’, ‘time’, ‘heart frequency’, ‘calories’ on the display of the magnetic platform
  • Number of emitters: 10980
  • Light release mode: impulse
  • Wave Length: 905 +-30 nm
  • Medium light power: 5 mW
  • Area of active release: 18 areas of 532 cm² each

PhotonShape is in conformity with the required norms for:
Electric safety (LVD), directive 2006/95/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), directive 2004/108/EC that proof the CE conformity according to the international standards

PhotonShape and PhotonLife are registered trademarks owned by LabLife srl. All the PhotonLife technologies are developed and tested in Italy, with a high quality guarantee and according to the most severe criteria of Made in Italy.

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