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ReVitalase is a highly technological and innovative Soft Laser system developed for multiple applications in the beauty business.

ReVitalase offers a surprisingly easy to use and extraordinarily versatile tool: this technology is fitted with three laser probes to treat specific areas of the face and the body and with a console that allows to set time and modality of use, besides the explicit programs.

The three fitted PhotonLife laser handpieces respectively have three, twelve and twentyseven laser diodes, that release an infrared light at 905 nm that has beneficial effects on the skin, according to the principles of photobiostimulation.


  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • anti-bags (under the eyes) treatment
  • Sensitive skin treatment
  • Impure skin treatment
  • Asphyxial skin treatment
  • Anti-cellulitis treatment
  • Stretch marks treatment
  • Toning treatment
  • Draining treatment


Body of the machine: has a control panel with buttons and a display for the control of the light release; it is mounted on a practical mobile trolley for easier movement. Laser handpieces P3, P12 e P27: with an ergonomic and functional shape containing the respective laser diodes at 905 nm.



  • Feeding: 100-240 V
  • Absorbed power: 7W
  • Commands: buttons and numeric light display
  • Cooling: surrounding air
  • Weight: 28 kg overall
  • Sizes: 39 x 52 x 100 cm – handpiece: 21 x 7,5 x 3,5 cm
  • Software: over 30 programs for specific treatments
  • Type of diode laser: InGaAs
  • Light release mode: impulse
  • Wave length: 905 +- 10 nm
  • Medium power: 10 mW
  • Highest power: 60 W
  • Area of active release:
    • 2,7 cm2 for the probe P3
    • 9,9 cm2 for the probe P12
    • 18 cm2 for the probe p27

Revitalase is in conformity with the required norms for:
Electric safety (LVD), directive 2006/95/EC
Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), directive 2004/108/EC
Laser security, laser of class I that proof the CE conformity according to the international standards.

Revitalase and PhotonLife are registered trademarks owned by LabLife srl. All the PhotonLife technologies are developed and tested in Italy, with a high quality guarantee and according to the most severe criteria of Made in Italy.

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