wyposażenie gabinetów kosmetycznych


PhotonEpil is an innovative technology to delay the growth and thinnen excess hair, characterized by an absolute athermic and wihtout any counterindications.

The treatment is performed after the wax treatment and consists in the application of the photo vehicular gel and the consecutive performance of a series of light spots on the interested area.

PhotonEpil acts on the lifecycle of the hair, interrupting the supply of necessary nutrients for the growth and leading to progressive and lasting results.


  • Depilation of face and body
  • Depilation on all the photo types (also photo type V and VI)
  • Depilation on all types and colors of hair (also white)
  • Depilation 12 months of the year (also in summer)


Body of the machine: has a control panel with buttons and a display for the control of the light release; it is mounted on a practical mobile trolley for easier movement.

fotodepilacja twarzy i ciała

Handpiece with 45 high efficiency blue LED,

Handpiece with 45 high efficiency green LED


  • Feeding: 100-240 V
  • Absorbed power: 14W
  • Commands: buttons and numeric light display
  • Cooling: surrounding air
  • Weight: 28 kg overall
  • Sizes: 39 x 52 x 100 cm – mouse: 15 x 6 x 4 cm with cable of 140 cm
  • Light release mode: short and intense impulses or long ones according to the chosen program.
  • Software: four programs and two light release modes per program
  • Wave Length:
    • 450 +- 30 nm for the blue mouse
    • 525 - 30 nm for the green mouse
  • Area of active release: 25 cm²

PhotonEpil is in conformity with the required norms for: Electric safety (LVD), directive 2006/95/EC Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), directive 2004/108/EC that proof the CE conformity according to the international standards

PhotonEpil and PhotonLife are registered trademarks owned by LabLife srl. All the PhotonLife technologies are developed and tested in Italy, with a high quality guarantee and according to the most severe criteria of Made in Italy.

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