wyposażenie gabinetów kosmetycznych


Since 1998, PhotonLife has established itself as a leading company in the design and production of advanced,
innovative and safe technologies, characterized by the use of a specific part of Light, capable of stimulating the
biological functions at the cellular level.
A success story, always looking towards the future, to satisfy aesthetic desires and the search for balance and
wellbeing, also by a public demanding.

  • The first one to use infrared light in professional aesthetics
  • The first one to propose photo-biomodulation in treating skin blemishes
  • The first one to develop a complete range of specific technologies using light only

The possibility to perform treatments by simply using the “active” and non-damaging part of the sun
light is an exclusive PhotonLife Beauty Technologies advantage.
Patented technologies designed and tested in Italy
Easy to use and hazard-free technologies
Technologies that can be used continuously, which provide a constant skin car
Qualified technologies with a pleasant skin-like warmth, with a relaxing effec
Years of experience: in the aesthetics industry since 1998

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University clinic of orthopaedic and trauma institute
“Gaetano Pini” - Milan
University Clinic of Physiatrics Institute
S. Matteo Hospital - Pavia
Sports Medicine Institute “Turno Lubich”
Bologna - C.O.N.I. - F.M.S.I.

Scientific research applied to infrared light and the effects
of bio-stimulation, have allowed PhotonLife to create
cutting-edge technologies, supported by a wide range of
patents and all strictly made in Italy, according to the most
recent safety standards.