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Eclactive System


SigmaLight offers beauty salon equipment and exclusive beauty products of Italian well known brand Photonlife®.

Sigmalight offers advanced technology equipment in beauty trend. In our offer you can find the highest quality professional cosmetics that can be used in professional skin care centers, beauty salons, SPA Hotels and also at home.

The Photonlife® technologies are the result of many years of study of the "good part of light". Developed to fight blemishes that every day we try to remedy, the Photonlife® technologies give lasting and visible results since the very beginning. 
The key formula is infrared at 905 nm: natural, heat-free and bio-stimulating light!

Photonlife® technologies are used in a comprehensive skin care, body shaping, hair removal (Photonepil), reduction of cellulite, firming breasts and buttocks, reducing the effects of aging skin - in conjunction with infrared light.

We make every effort to ensure that our proposed products not only meet the high expectations of our customers, but also marked a new standard in the field of esthetic dermatology. As a result, we are providing the highest quality in comprehensive beauty equipment.

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